Triax United Kingdom

Triax PSO / 1 UHF / FM Outlet

Triax UHF Wall plate
Triax United Kingdom

Triax PSO / 1 UHF / FM Outlet

  • UHF/FM
  • Non-isolated
  • 1 Way


Triax UHF Wall plate

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Triax UHF wall plate is a type of wall-mounted connector designed to facilitate the connection of UHF (Ultra High Frequency) television signals to a television or other audio/video equipment. The term "Triax" refers to the brand or manufacturer, and UHF represents the frequency range commonly used for over-the-air television broadcasting.

Connector Type: The wall plate typically features a female UHF connector (often a threaded coaxial connector) mounted on a wall plate. The female connector allows you to connect a UHF antenna cable or other UHF-related cables.

Wall Mountable: Triax UHF wall plates are designed to be installed on the wall, making it easy to connect and disconnect UHF cables for your television or other devices.

Signal Reception: UHF frequencies are commonly used for broadcasting television signals, especially for over-the-air channels. A Triax UHF wall plate helps route these signals from your UHF antenna to your television, set-top box, or other equipment.

Compatibility: These wall plates are typically designed to be compatible with standard UHF connectors commonly found on coaxial cables used for television and other audio/video applications.

Appearance: Triax UHF wall plates are often designed to blend with the decor of a room or installation area. They may come in various finishes, such as white or brushed metal, to match the surroundings.

Installation: Installing a Triax UHF wall plate involves mounting it on the wall and connecting the UHF cable to the female connector. This helps create a clean and organized setup for your television or audio/video system.

Triax UHF wall plates are useful in homes, offices, and other settings where UHF television signals need to be connected to TVs, tuners, or other audio/video equipment. They provide a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to make these connections while also helping to maintain signal quality.

EAN Number5702661670145
TypeUK Style, Single Gang
Frequency Range TV47...862 MHz
Through Loss IN-TV<1.0 dB
DC PassthroughYes
Connector TVIEC-male
Main materialPolycarbonate
Product Height86 mm
Product Width86 mm
Product Depth25 mm
Packaging Height0,034 m
Packaging Width0,088 m
Packaging Depth0,088 m
Net Weight0,057 kg
Total Weight0,057 kg
RemarksNon Screened, Non-Isolated